What are Folios?

The term folio derives from the Latin term folium, for page or leaf. Over time folio has come to have many meanings, most often associated with large books, manuscripts or pages. As presented here, the folio can be considered as a crossover between a book and a portfolio. In this context the folio is seen as a collection of individual unbound pages and prints grouped by theme to form a cohesive body of work.

The Dark Sky Dreams folios introduce the theme through use of a title page, artist statement and list of prints. A final page, the Colophon, is added to record the technical details of the folio production. These four pages are printed on a folded 4-page layout and together form the text signature of the folio. The text signature is printed on fine art acid-free and lignin-free archival paper.

These collectible folios are released as an open edition and I will sign the text signature on the Title page and sequentially number the edition on the Colophon page.

The folio images are printed on archival fine art inkjet papers, such as Harman by Gloss Baryta, using archival Epson UltraChrome K3 ink. The individual prints are interleaved with archival glassine paper to better protect the prints during transport and handling.

The text signature and prints are collected in a die-cut and folded fine art paper enclosure. The folio cover is made of heavy-weight (100# Cover) acid-free and lignin-free archival paper to ensure long life to the enclosed prints and pages.

The front of the folio cover features a die-cut and debossed window to attractively display the folio cover image and title.

The folio assembly is packaged and shipped in a crystal clear plastic sleeve.